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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Exciting things post Easter!!

Well let me just say this week has been the week of PROVISION for our team!!  To start with we were hosted by an amazing family to celebrate Easter this past weekend.  We ate the greatest food, slept in the most comfortable beds, and experienced the sweet presence of God with other workers here in Haiti.  These life long missionaries have helped us with a myriad of different things.  One of which was helping us to purchase a second vehicle and import it into Haiti.

Well, they SURPRISED us and had our new to us vehicle purchased, off the boat from Florida, and with all of the Haitian paperwork done (that is a miracle in and of itself) when we arrived at their house Friday morning.  We pulled up to their house and I jumped out of our van squealing with excitement.  This new vehicle is huge for us and our team.  We will be able to be in multiple places at the same time as a team!!!!  Thank you so much for praying with us for this to arrive & for giving towards the purchase of it!!  I don't know how to drive a standard transmission which is what our van is and this new car is automatic.  This means that after living in Haiti for almost 14 months I get to start learning how to drive here.  Our Haitian driver has a series of driving lessons and I begin tomorrow.  Pray I learn quickly and safely.

Not only did we get a car, but our Haitian education partners purchased land in our village where a permanent school structure will eventually be built.  You may remember my whirl wind cross continental trip back in February & that is where through the partnership of 2 missions conference the funds were given for the purchase of this land.  We are so excited at what we are getting to see God do each & every day!

This really has been a week to not only celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, but his extravagant provision towards are team.  It just teaches me again that when we ask he will provide.  Over the last 14 months our team has had a consistent need of some sort.  Whether it's been finances, a car, a partnership with another organization, or whatever, we've prayed and God has superseded our expectations and imaginations.  He is one extravagant guy.

Here is the newly purchased land & our new to us wheels :)

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