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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Elephant in the room

During my trip to Dallas the first week of March I received many comments about how skinny I was coupled with a lot of concern about whether I’m eating or not.  I am here to talk about the Elephant in the room.  Yes, I have lost a significant amount of weight.  No, I have not stopped eating.  Yes, life here is much more physical than my previous life in Waco.  No, you don’t need to worry about my health, I don’t have worms.  I took medicine to make sure & kill them all.  Yes, the lack of American preservatives in food is really good for you.  No, it didn’t come by easy, I work out often and in a very hot & physically demanding environment.  Yes I still eat a lot of candy, especially now thanks to my grandmother who sent me loads of candy with my parents a few weeks ago.  In fact I'll eat some candy in about 10 minutes.

So to address the elephant via facebook photos, I have in fact lost a good number of lbs living here and this is due to a change in diet & exercise.  That’s really it.  I still eat treats, but I am here to say my perception of fresh foods & organic foods has changed.  In the states there are a lot of extra chemicals in our food.  We don’t have this here.  Everything is totally natural, it literally came out of the ground just a few days before I eat it.  Max, probably a week before I eat it.  Although we are lacking in the mass amounts of green veggies department I am the healthiest physically & emotionally I’ve ever been.  I run a couple miles a couple times a week here, and I'm just healthier.  Rice, beans, and vegetables don't have a ton of fat in them and I don't eat very much bread.  I eat a lot of salt so I guess I should get that checked out, just kidding, but other than that I eat what's good for my body and there's not a ton of extra mixed in there.  Except my current candy stash.

So, the myth about diet & exercise is true.  It works, I’m living proof.  So this post is to help calm your concerns about my facebook photos and let you know I'm fine, I'm actually better than fine.  Fresh & un-altered foods are just better for you.

Now please tell your friends, and let everyone who hasn't seen me eat live that I am in fact okie dokie.  I'm just skinnier.

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