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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What a blog post, is this true?

Well my faithful followers, if you're still there, the every other Tuesday blog post is back.  February was CRAZY, March started with a BANG, and in two days we're half way through March.  2012 hasn't been super chill for me, but it's been a true blessing.

Since December 21st 2011 (less than 3 months ago) I've traveled to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Boston, MA, San Diego, CA, Pasadena, CA, Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, & Dallas, TX.  I am so happy my travels are over.

Although traveling is very exhausting and I have the advanced skills of packing and going through airport securities, I have of course learned something about the nature of God & situations he puts us in through all of these travels.  In all of the cities I went for a run or runs.  In Santo Domingo I went on a city tour jog/walk.  It was a fascinating experience.  We ran in a park, with no trash, on a trail, and with kids actually playing in that park.  It was fun to run there.  It was easy too.  The air was clear and the temperature was perfect.  December & January in the Caribbean are high season for vacationers and I now know why.  It's amazing here then.  In Boston my run was slow and I felt like my lungs were burning, it was SOOOO cold.  My legs felt like giant weights that I was forcing to lift off of the ground and then landed like large cinder blocks each time they hit the pavement again.  In California I felt like I could fly.  I ran 1.5 minutes per faster per mile than my last recorded run in Dallas before I moved here a year ago.  The air was clear & dry, and it wasn't so hot.  In Seattle I thought I would die.  They have some hills there.  My legs felt like they were on fire running what felt like straight up those hills.

And at HOME, I soared.  I ran 30 seconds per mile faster in Dallas then I did in San Diego.  Isn't that how God is.  In him as HOME you soar.  When you're taken out of the trash and destitution of your own heart and life you find green parks.  You find childlike mentalities.  You find rest & joy.  Then once you've found that freedom you move on to places that take you through trial and you feel like you can't do it, but instead you put one foot in front of the other and you finish.  Then you find a place, a gifting, a niche where when you're in it you seem to have ease and access to what felt so difficult in other circumstances.  In that niche you're given the opportunity to challenge your muscles and climb mountains in the Spirit (or steep hills in Seattle), and take new ground.  You see those muscles get strong, and in his strength you find you can do more than you ever imagined.  And when you return to the place you were originally destined for your ability to soar is incomparable.

We were made for HOME.  We were made to soar and grow and move from glory to glory.

Honestly that little running analogy is the story of my life for the last 9 years of walking with Jesus.  College was Santo Domingo.  Boston was the first couple years of my training school experience.  San Diego was 2 years previous to my move to Haiti, and Seattle is my Haiti.  My muscles are getting strong.  Hills seem over comable (excuse the lack of a real word here), and impossible no longer seems to exist.  If HE speaks it, impossible is eradicated from any known vocabulary.  Impossible has been eradicated, challenging has not.  The journey home is not without trial, is not without challenge, and certainly not without his grace that is sufficient for his power is made perfect in weakness.  We were all made to go HOME.  We will live a life here and through the knowledge of Jesus we will go home and be with him for eternity.  I continue to want to live a life where although hills & fire burning muscles come, I grow and I am strenghtend.  I grow until I GO home with him.


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  1. Love this post so much!! Just found your blog! So proud of you!!