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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One month and a year later

One month since I've blogged, one year since I slept in my bed at my mom and dad's house.  Tomorrow February 22nd marks my 1 year journey of being in Haiti.  Honestly I'm amazed that I'm not only breathing, but soaring.

I apologize for the lack of blogging.  As weird as it sounds my life is much more hectic when I travel in the states.  I talk to my mom more when I'm in Haiti than when I'm in the states.  To sum up the last month, it was crazy, beautiful, and I moved into a new age, literally I'm now 27.  Erika & I's trip across the US was incredible.  We had some amazing conversations with old & new friends, and it was an honor and joy to see what God is doing in the US churches that are a part of our family of churches.  Families are incredible, they have the same last name but their identities can be as different as night and day.  The family of churches I have been a part of for almost a decade now is just like one extended family.  It's beautiful to see the body like that.  I'm so lucky I got to visit them and meet them.

1 year.  1 year is not a long time and it is at the same time.  I lived the majority of 2011 in Haiti, and now I've been here 1 year.  I've seen valleys and I've seen mountain tops in my emotions.  It's been challenging, beautiful, and glorious all at the same time.  I'm so glad I said yes to God.  I didn't want to.  My first visit to Haiti about a month and a half after the quake was not the emotional high you would hope to have before making the decision to move to here.  Nor was my second visit in June of 2010.  I thought no way jose am I going to do this.  But He invited and I said yes.  My personal recommendation to all: if he invites, GO.  It's one of the top 3 best decisions I've made in my life so far.  My heart is here.  In reality it's also taken a year for me to feel like my heart is here.  I get sad now when I leave on R&R's or on these fundraising trips.  My normal is now Haiti and my abnormal is the majority of your normal.  

As I say this about new normal and loving it here, the single greatest event thus far in my life is about to occur. MOM & DAD come next week!!!!!!!!!!  I hope this doesn't offend many, but man oh man have I missed them the most.  They are my parents.  I am their kid, and they are coming to Haiti.  After that I am actually going home, to their house for the first time in a year and well I'm ecstatic.  Ecstatic to be with my sisters & brother-in-law, my parents, and my nieces in our home for a whole week.  It will be awesome.  I'm getting myself over excited in this very moment.  My family is the greatest.  I'm sure your's is awesome too, but they're not mine :)

So, 1 year down at least 1 to go.  I have expectations that the rest of 2012 will be no less chaotic, challenging, or wonderful than 2011 will be.

Again, my traveling will deter my blogging for a few weeks.  I'll hop back on my bi-monthly train when I get back from my trip home.  THANK YOU for joining me on this journey, it's been one wild ride!

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