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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The longest 5 days of my life

To be honest, all I can think about is going to North Carolina on Sunday.

I have the amazing opportunity to see my family almost 5 months in to my journey here.  I cannot describe to you the amount of excitement that is inside my mind, body, soul, face, toes, all of it is excited.  Some people would think I'm crazy for leaving the beach to travel to the beach, so call me crazy it's what I'm doing.

Many of you have heard of this trip before with my infamous cousins, and this year it feels as if there is a build up larger than any year before. 1. These 4.5 almost 5 months are the longest I've ever gone without seeing my immediate family.  My sister had a niece.  Lily is almost 3 and apparently hilarious, Marcy graduated from Baylor, and well I just miss my mom & dad.  2. All of my cousins and I have been sending messages via Facebook about different aspects of things we are super excited for. 3. I'm going to the United Sates.  I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little nervous about that part.  Everyone will always speak English.  I'll get a dose of American customer service.  I will drink coffee from Starbucks. And, anything I want will be at my finger tips.  This will be an interesting phenomenon.  In praying about the trip I feel like the Lord has given me promise that it will be full of rest, full of fun, and that I myself will see breakthrough.

So, this next week, as strange as it sounds, pray for me on my vacation.  I want to rest well, play well, and connect well with my family and the heart of God.  

5 days.

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