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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

No excuses

I have no excuses, about last night.

However, I will try to redeem myself.  You see on Sunday 2 teams from the states came. One from San Diego and one from Waco.  They came with almost 50 people.  They also brought me a present.  Ever since seeing the Narnia movies I've really wanted to read all of the books.  No, I have never read them.  I think I read The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe once, but never all of them.  Well the team from Waco brought me one book that holds all the books.

So last night instead of blogging, I read The Magician's Nephew.  Yup, I sat down for 4 hours and read the entire book.  Amazing.  Absolutely amazing.  I got so much revelation from the movies, but the books.  I can't even describe.  A lot of people have argued over whether or not the books are a christian allegory, and I am of the persuasion that they are without a doubt a clear representation of the kingdom of God. At the end of the book as Aslan is explaining their journey back C.S. Lewis describes their close encounter with the face of Aslan,

    "Both children were looking up into the Lion's face as he spoke these words.  And all at once (they never      
     knew exactly how it happened) the face seemed to be a sea of tossing gold in which they were floating,
     and such a sweetness and power rolled about them and over them and entered into them that they felt they
     had never really even been happy or wise or good, or even alive and awake, before.  And the memory of  
     that moment stayed with them always, so that as long as they both lived, if ever they were sad or afraid or
     angry, the thought of all that gold goodness, and the feeling that it was still there, quite close, just around
     some corner or just behind some door, would come back and make them sure, deep down inside, that all
     was well."

Just looking at his face made them feel as if they had never been alive.  I hope and pray that when I gaze into the face of Jesus all is settled.  All is made right.  That I feel alive as if I had never been alive before.  I can't say I've seen the face of Jesus but I will one day.  I will cling to his presence and his majesty because on my lowest and on my highest day, who he is is my ultimate reality.

Many more to come, I've got 6 books left :)


  1. Love it love it! I want to frolick in that sea of golden joy with all my dearest friends, emerging from those holy waters with a laughter that not only never leaves, but is contagious than the plague.

  2. Wait, you started with The Magician's Nephew??? Noooooooo!!! The original order is the best/only way to go: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Silver Chair, The Horse and His Boy, The Magician's Nephew, The Last Battle. That's the order in which they were written.

    Reading them the newfangled way (in fictional timeline chronological order) takes so much of the fun out of reading it -- and to me, somehow cheapens the allegory as well.

    Can you tell I care far too much about this?

    Regardless, enjoy the series -- seven of my most-read books!