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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The greatest weapon ever made

A gun you may think?


A sword?


A nuclear war head?

No my friends.

The greatest weapon ever made is the mosquito racket.  This small tennis racket looking device has murdered the insane amounts of mosquitoes that try to bite me.  For some reason, yet to be understood by me, the mosquitoes here love to fly around my face and hair.  It's weird.  I think they are a strange strand of mosquito that actually feeds on skin and hair follicles instead of the traditional blood.  Regardless of their nutritional desire they drive me crazy.  Every night I sleep under a mosquito net, but during the day I carry around this handy dandy weapon.

It feels like I am living in a real life video game.  Like every time I kill a mosquito with this racket I win 50 points or something.  We also have these larger than life flies here which I use the racket for as well.  It takes 3-4 zaps to kill them, but it is possible.  This racket is always by my side.  I was talking to my parents one night via skype and in the middle of the conversation death was calling a few mosquitoes names and I was the deliver of the message and death.  It flashed by the computer screen and my parents got a kick out of it.  What else do you do?  It is actually is too difficult to kill them by hand.  They are really fast.  Trust me, I've tried many times. So, I basically carry around a portable bug zapper.  You may have them hanging on your outdoor porches, but I carry one in my hand.

I wish I had the directions of how to use the racket from the packaging it came in because it was awesome.  Directly translated into English therefore the subject verb agreement was crazy as well as the choices of vocabulary.  I actually own 2 because like many electronic devices in haiti they break really easily.  So, at the end of my journey I might be able to open a mosquito racket museum.  I wonder if one will make it back to the states with me permanently?  Not sure, we'll see then.  Here I am ready for some action!

Until next week remember my motto, "all mosquitoes should die."

Commenters, you've abandoned me.  Please return, I love your comments.


  1. I love my zapper...i'm a born serial fly killer!

  2. Hilarious! you're lookin good. zap those babies, zap 'em good ;)