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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

95 years

This past saturday my great grandmother turned 95 years old.  This is amazing on multiple fronts.  First, she's 95, second do you know your great grandmother?, thirdly we skyped on her birthday.  Yes ladies and gentlemen we video skyped.  Here she is in her beautiful state on Saturday.  There is one thing about Bera Jennings, she always looks her best!

It was funny skyping with her and incredible at the same time. 95 years ago there were no computer devices at all, zero.  Saturday we talked to each other face to face via some satellite waves on two different pieces of land.  That's really bizarre if you stop and think about it for about 25 seconds.  This is the time to stop for 25 seconds and think about the craziness of seeing each other on 2 different pieces of land, GO.

95 years.  In order for me to have a 95th birthday party a lot of things have to happen. I have to make it.  Jesus couldn't come back before then, and I need to stay healthy.  I also would have to live 69 more years. 69!  Like all things, it made me think.

I have lived 26 years.  In those 26 years some pretty big things have happened.  I was born.  I got a drivers license.  I went to college. I moved to an island.  Some days I feel like I'm something pretty special; that I've really lived life.  You know, I've been to some pretty cool places in the world, and now I'm a bonified missionary.  Then I realize, I would have to live 69 more years to even be close to the incredible person my great grandmother is.

69 more years of life.  What do I want to happen in those 69 years?  I want to get married, I want to have a family that radically follows Jesus to all corners of the earth, I want to go some more places, I want to experience new and challenging things, and more than anything I want to know Jesus more and more and more with each year.  In 69 years I want to love him more than ever and be so excited that I'm closer to meeting him than ever.

So, 69 more years I'm ready.

Thanks for reading my blog.  Feel free to comment, or request a post.  I like writing this a lot, which I didn't think I would. I also enjoy that so many people it enjoy it.  So you the people, what do you want to know about?  Things in Haiti? My life? What I eat?

I generally just write whatever happened that week, or what God is doing in me that day.  Ask me some questions, it might help me explain Haiti better, and explain myself better.

Leave me a comment, I'll work hard to incorporate all you want to know.  Thank you for being a part of what I'm doing here!  It's fun to have a global family.


  1. I like the random events that you talk about and how you incorporate them into bigger things in life.
    What's the weather like and what do you do in the evening times?

  2. I like reading your blog! Do you spend much time all together as a team just chilling? Do you have new friends with the people there, that you spend time with in the evenings or whenever?

  3. Have you picked an avocado straight off that tree yet??