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Friday, March 4, 2011

You want to read this

Many of you are waiting for those crazy stories of life in Haiti.  I don't plan on blogging more than once a week, but I think you'll find this worthwhile to read.

We live in an awesome house.  We do not have awesome electricity.  We are not on a city or state grid and therefore have a generator that provides our house with electricity.  It has some struggles.  It runs out of fuel therefore the electricity just goes off.  It also just has issues so sometimes it  randomly just fails.  My parents experienced this tonight on Skype when all the lights went out and I was a dark shadow face. We also are not on a city grid for water.  We have a well at our house.  There is a pump at the house so that water from the well is pumped up to a big tub thing on our roof.  The kicker, the generator has to be on to pump water.   We use this water to bathe, clean dishes, but not to drink.

Today all of our house functions failed, at the same time.  The generator is struggling so when we turned the water pump on everything shut down.  For some reason it just couldn't handle the pump.  Normally this would be ok but tonight the water tub on the roof was empty.  So all the water we had left in the pipes was what we had for 6 showers, and to do all of our dishes from dinner.

Dishes.  The water in the kitchen sink ran out, but it hadn't run out in one of the bathrooms, so yes my friends tonight I washed all of our dinner dishes in the bathtub.  Just as I was finishing the water became a slight trickle and here at château AMI we are out of water.

Pray for our generator, we really need it to work.  We need water to bathe, all of our friends would appreciate that, and we do need to clean our dishes.  We also just like electricity.  It is a very nice thing to have.

This is all for tonight, maybe in the morning a miracle will have occurred and all will be running smoothly.  I hope!

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  1. So apparently when i take a vacation to Dubai for two weeks that's when you decide to make all your major life changes. :) Excited for all your new adventures in Haiti and I can definitely relate to all your issues. Praying for you.