A girl with God and a lot of yeses in the middle

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week 3

I have lived in Haiti for 3 weeks.  It feels like I left yesterday, but everything familiar feels so far away.  The one thing that has never felt closer to me in my entire life than right now is the presence of God.  The, self-talker, self-promoter, self-rescuer in me wants to make myself be in an amazing emotional state right now.  I want to make myself be happy.  I've tried a few times and it only lasts a moment or so.  I miss home. But the presence of God has become and is becoming my home, and God himself has become my rescuer.

3.5 weeks is the longest I've ever gone on an overseas outreach.  I am living an overseas outreach, and I'm about to cross a mark I never have.  I studied abroad, but we'll come to that mark later this summer.

I miss the familiarity of life, but this is the adventure I'm on.  This may seem funny to some, but it's actually really significant for me.  The week of my birthday I purchased some new sandals to wear here.  Most people have heard of the Chacos brand.  I got a pair when I studied abroad, and I got a brand new pair right before I came here.  They have thick rubber soles and cotton straps that zig zag.  These sandals are awesome.  Over time they conform to your foot.  If you try someone else's on they don't fit right. Well, the straps are causing lots of blisters on my feet since they're new.

A friend of mine pointed out in an email the other day, that this is a very prophetic or symbolic way of looking at my life right now.  I am rubbing against a new culture, I'm getting blistered a little bit, but in a while I will have acclimated.  My Americaness is getting challenged here, and I love it.  I love that I have to work hard to get things done.  Dad, you would be so proud of all the manual labor I've done so far.  Life here is slower and more hectic at the same time.  A phrase we started using as a team is we hurry up and wait.  We hurry to get somewhere in order to complete the task by a certain time and when we get there, we have to wait a lot longer than in the states.

Waiting has been refreshing for me.  I don't feel so rushed about life.  It takes 4 hours to drive to the airport and back even though it's only about 45 miles each way.  In those 4 hours I learn a ton of creole, which is fun to learn, I see the beautiful coast line of Haiti, I get to chill.

And there are some amazing beaches here.  This my favorite part about Haiti so far.  Here is a picture of a beautiful sunset in the south of Haiti.

And a list of things I've done these past 3 weeks, that I've never done before.
1. Start a generator
2. Draw water from a well
3. Stand in line for 3 hours at the bank
4. Boil water for rice over coals
5. Drill holes in a wall with a power drill
6. Hang my own curtains (dad always did it, I know I'm lame)
7. Design and order my own furniture
8. Go to the beach 2 weekends in a row
9. Ride a motorcycle daily
10.  Eat beans and rice 2 meals a day, every day.


  1. You are doing amazing. And I love the realness of your writing.

  2. Amanda! We miss you so much. So glad to "connect" with you through this blog. You are the sole occupant of the front of our fridge, so we think about you every time we make a smoothie.

    I'm sure the adjustment is hard. If anyone can do it, you can - and with much grace, honesty and humor.

    Miss ya.