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Friday, February 18, 2011

He is faithful

Well friends, the time has come.  I am moving on Tuesday.  On February 14th I turned 26, and I purchased a one way ticket to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.  That was a really exciting, scary, and adventurous moment.  I was in Italy this time last year with the secret of my potential move hidden in my heart from my Mom and sister Marcy who we were visiting.  And today, I started packing.  Wow.

The title of this blog is, "He is faithful," let me tell you why.

On February 12th I was really nervous.  I had a party planned that I had invited over 250 people too.  I was worried no one was going to come.  This party was a combined going away/birthday party.  I was wrong.  SO many people came.  Old college roommates with their babies, my family, Elevate students whose lives look totally different, and co-laborers in ministry.  At the party I was filled with the joy that He is faithful.  8 years ago I decided to take life with Jesus seriously.  That party was a small window into what the last 8 years in Waco have been to me.  Wonderful.  I left Waco, until a yet to be determined time, on Wednesday.  I sat in the parking lot at our church and cried.  Waco is my home.  In 4 days Haiti will be my home.  He is faithful.  Here are some photos from that beloved party.  By the way, my niece Lily stole the show.  She's amazing.

  He is faithful.  All of these lovely people and so many more have helped me become who I am in Jesus.

He is faithful.  As you all know, through this process I along with my team and all workers in our organization raise all of our funds to go overseas.  Well, this has been an incredible story for me.  Bear with me as I share this story.  

December 17th 2010- I was officially approved to join the Haiti Transformed Team
            I started at 40% of my monthly needs raised, and 0% of one time needs.
December 18th 2010-January 5th 2011- Christmas and Holiday Celebrations
January 6th 2011- I hit the ground running raising these funds.
February 4th- I had raised 24% more and was at 64% monthly, 100% one time.
February 4th- I was praying one day and felt like the Lord said, "you will leave on the 22nd and you will be at 100%  of everything."
February 14th- 84% purchased a plane ticket
February 17th- 100%+

He is faithful.  He provided everything according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

If you are interested in being a part of Haiti Transformed, email me at, amanda-cook@aminterntational.org, I still have 5 team members who need to have a story of His faithfulness as well.  Meaning, they have yet to reach 100%.

Now, I prepare in the grace and confidence that He is in fact faithful.

See you later Texas

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