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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

3 yet 1

This post has nothing to do with the trinity & everything to do with my sisters.  I got an email today from my youngest sister celebrating some huge accomplishments that her & her business partners have achieved in the last few months.  So this got me thinking even more about me & my sisters.

I have 2 sisters.  Marcy & Casey.  Therefore combined we are 3, yet we come from 1 family.  From the beginning I think God thought, let's make these 3 like us, 3 but 1.  Marcy the youngest is probably the most creative person I've known.  Her ability to arrange flowers, pull together an outfit, or transform a normal Thursday evening dinner into an event is incredible.

Casey, is the go-getter type.  She could run the world I tell you.  She is a student, mom, wife, business woman, and doing it all with flare and class.  Try to find her with a bad hair day, she has the most incredible hair in the world, even when it's in a pony tail.  She is one incredible mother to the cutest two little girls in the world.  Casey is a multi-tasker, she can study business economics & then make dinner for her family like she was born to.

Then there's me.  I live on a small island nation, loving those I don't always understand, and those who don't understand me love me in all of my brokenness.  I take care of generators & Chinese vans, and oversee the operations of a church planting & development work in Haiti.

Needless to say, the 3 of us live very different lives, yet we are of the same unifying fabric.

I was just telling one of my teammates the other day how my sisters & my mom are my favorite people to cook with.  We may not choose the same clothes to buy, but I can guarantee we peel potatoes the same way.  When we all get in the kitchen we're like a well oiled machine.  Everyone knows their place, their role, and by the end of the evening we've had a fantastic meal, and the kitchen looks as if no one ever even entered.  We are three but we are 1.

I miss my sisters.  I miss cooking with them.  I miss celebrating business achievements & nieces birthday parties.  I miss lake summers finding new fun drinks to make.  I'll deeply miss the beach and sitting in our purple chairs together while we laugh and talk all the things we thought we snuck by our parents when we were little.

I love you sisters.


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