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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I got my heart broken last week...

Now there’s a blog post title to suck you in ;).  Not by a boy, but by a clothing website.  I probably shouldn’t have done this, but I did.  Many of you know that fall/winter fashion is by far my favorite.  Bright colored sweaters, boots that rock, and long luscious coats that I’ve never had little need for in Texas and well, I have less need for them now. 

But my heart was broken the other day when I perused the Banana Republic website; maybe not considered the trendiest of clothing suppliers, but my favorite none the less.  This is scary; I actually found myself almost crying at how beautiful I thought the clothes were and how sad I was that I would not be purchasing them.  I looked at the ladies in suits and thought, “I want to be a lady in a suit.”  There is no fall in Haiti.  For thanksgiving we are hoping to spend a few days in the mountains here where it will be cooler but not fall and nowhere close to winter.  Then we will head to the DR for our Christmas adventure.  You may or may not know that winter is peak travel time for the Caribbean; because it’s still hot.  As great as it is to always be tan, I wish I could snuggle up in a scarf, put on an amazing cute wool cap and sit by a fire.  If I actually did this I might lose so much water that I’d sweat away.

Have no fear; I’ll take my jeans with me on both trips.  They will serve 2 purposes.  Keeping my legs warm in air-conditioning & protecting me from mosquitos & other insect bites (there are very strange bugs in the mountains that really like me).

On another note I'm so excited because I’m going to Port-Au-Prince for the whole weekend to see my dear friends Ben & Katie!  We grew up together at the same church and now live in Haiti at the exact same time!  I am so excited to see them and I’ve never spent more than 1 day in Port-Au-Prince so I’m super excited for a full weekend.  My post next week will most likely be about that weekend so stay tuned!!!

If you really love me, tomorrow morning you'll drive through Starbucks, get a coffee with peppermint syrup rather than sugar, some half & half, and call it a Wednesday morning gone right, and I'll live vicariously through your fall coffee experience. 

 Fall I miss you.  However you can never trump the depth of His presence I've found on this island.

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  1. Beautiful post by a beautiful woman. I just think you are wonderful. I'm thinking of you tonight as I'm experiencing my first real fall and can't seem to remember to wear a coat every morning so I end up with really numb fingers and a red nose at work. I hope my memory works better come winter. Love you Amanda!