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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Great friends in great lands

Some nights it's very hard for me to come up with stuff to write about.  I've received such a great response from people about how much they like to read this, I get a little overwhelmed trying to come up with some great thing to say.

I don't have much to say tonight except today, I really missed Waco.  It was my home for almost 8 years.  It feels like so much is going on there right now and I'm a distant witness.  I have skype, and gmail chat, but you can't live a life that way.  Some of my friends have just started dating people, even more are having babies, the church is always changing and moving with greater vision, and today I wish I could see first hand all that is Waco.

Some of the people I miss so much won't be in Waco the next time I visit that city.  Some will have moved to Asia, some to Louisiana, and some yet to be determined lands far across the seas.  The wonderful thing about Waco is that I have great friends doing exactly what I'm doing in great lands.  A lot of them won't ever fill up a generator (which has become my new upper body workout), but they will go somewhere with a different language and funny cultural tendencies (which we as Americans have as well, just to clarify).

But today my heart misses you friends.  It misses our chats in the office, it misses meeting you for lunch at Olive Branch, it misses staff meetings, it misses late night movie watching, fro you eating, spontaneous worship times at your houses.  I miss you.

People of Waco, most days I want you to come to me.  I want you to see why I laugh so hard at silly things, I want you to experience the joy of living and working on this island, but today I want to come see you.

It is a great joy to share a heart and vision with so many beautiful and wonderful friends.  Waco, when we meet again I'll probably cry.

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  1. Bummer I posted a long comment but alas it did not work...basically it said, as I was sipping my morning coffee I thought of you and d-group and my first coffee addictions ;-) I would love to be doing all your favorite things in Waco with you. I love this post, we have a beautiful group of friends changing the world! I miss you a lot and will be thinking about you all day!
    Love you-Kate