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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Well, it's Wednesday again.

Last night we had the one and only Pat Murphy in Haiti with us.  It was fun to have a familiar and fatherly face from Waco.  It is also the reason for my delay of posts this week.  I sure hope I hit the mark next week.

On Monday night he was sharing with us and reminding us of the story of how we got to Haiti, how we chose our city, and how we chose the commitment we made for our shelter program.  We are coming to the end of the shelter program here and it is very much a celebration.  In the middle of this meeting a huge birdlike thing flew up onto our second floor porch where we were meeting.  Everyone was running around and trying to smash it, and one team member was convinced it was a bat.  It was not a bat, but the largest moth I've ever seen.  Pat was so memorized by it, he took it home with him.  You know, he wanted to show everyone in Waco how hard core we are.

We're not that hard core.  It was just a really, really, really, big bug.  I wish I had a picture but I am greatly failing in my photo taking ventures.  We've gotten busier.  There's more to do and it feels more normal here.  Sunday night marked 3 months here.  It was so weird because it wasn't weird at all.  The day came and went and that night I realized it was May 22nd.  Last year on May 22nd I was in North Africa and finishing up my job at the church in Waco.

So much can change in 3 months.  I have changed so much in 3 months, and I have many more months to go. Months in Haiti, and in life.  I will change so much more.

Well again, I'm sorry about Wednesday.  I hope next Tuesday is better.

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