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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A day in the life of me

So, it's been 5 weeks and I've entered into as much of a rhythm as is possible here, I think.  Remember, I've only been here 5 weeks.  Here is what a day in the life of Amanda Cook looks like.

5:00-5:30am: The power goes out at some point, and I wake up for the day
5:30-6:15: I finally get up out of bed, and spend some time with Jesus.
7:00am: Our driver arrives from Port-Au-Prince to start his work day
7:00-7:45am: I spend more time with Jesus
8:00am: The two ladies who cook & clean for us arrive and I give them their instructions for the day
Then at 8:30am: My work day officially begins
     I work on our finances
     I make trips to the bank (which it takes about 2 hours for a bank trip)
     I email our accountant back in the states
     I organize different aspects of the building project
12:30-1:30 We eat lunch with all of our staff
   This is already my favorite thing we do.  There is a group of 11 of us.  6 Americans and 5 Haitians.  The conversation is a mix between english and Haitian creole, with a lot of Haitian worship involved.  All of our staff are believers that have pretty amazing stories of Jesus changing their lives.  I hope to introduce some of them to you in one of my monthly updates!

   I get to spend some time in our village
   We have staff meetings to go over budget stuff
   I run other errands, getting ink for our printer, and other odd jobs.

It's a funny life because none of these things every go smoothly.  I don't walk into office max and ask the associate for an HP 60 black ink box.  I stand behind a counter in a tiny concrete room that is crammed with copiers, random office supplies, and like 15 people smooshed into a room that we (Americans) would say is only made for 3-4 people.

In the 5 weeks I've been here there have been some days where I just get frustrated that life doesn't go the way I want it to go.  It doesn't run smoothly.  Other days, I realize I am on an adventure.  Stories of adventure don't have well streamlined plots with a wonderful conclusion at the end.  They have twists and turns; surprises that the reader would never have known about.  An adventure is just that, adventure.  If it were predictable I would be bored.  I'm rarely bored here because there is always a new adventure, aka challenge, for me to experience for the first time.

Also, pray for us next week.  The married couple that lives in our house is going on vacation.  This means three ladies will be manning our fort because the man will be gone.  We need grace, wisdom, and ability to keep the house powered, watered, and not blow up.

I will try to take more pictures.  Historically I've been very bad about taking them, so I try at every turn to take my camera with me.  More to come of the village and life here.

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