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Sunday, January 16, 2011

2 Things

Tonight, I have two things to blog about.

1. I'm not very good at blogging.
2. I love the Church.

1.  For those of you that love blogs, I am sorry.  I am not very good at this.  Especially since I'm moving to another country in about a month, I've become a bit busy so I've forgotten.  My dad kindly reminded me today that it's been about 3 weeks.  Not much has happened in those three weeks.  I'm still moving to Haiti in or around February.

2. I love the Church.  I love that God sent his son Jesus to give his life as a ransom for all and then went back to Heaven.  He simply left the Holy Spirit to be with us, give us power, what what, and then gave us the idea to do it together.  That is the church.  Tonight I was reminded of how wonderful the church at large is.  I love with all my heart the 2 particular churches I have spent the better part of my Christian life in.  In one I got saved.  In the other I got transformed.  Yet tonight I was reminded at how beautiful not only those two churches are, but the church globally.  As I move to Haiti I am raising all of my funds through people who give.  Tonight I had a meeting with a lady who reminded me why I do this.  I am doing all of this moving stuff, to see the church established in Haiti (although very present and powerful) that changes Haiti.  I will not change Haiti.  Haitians will change Haiti.  This lady I met with had met me once before tonight, yet very deeply feels the call to be a part of what I'm doing.  In 1 Corinthians 12 Paul talks about how the church is like a body.  Well in this instance, I am the feet.  I'm going.  I'm moving to Haiti and she isn't.  But the feet have to be attached to legs, which are attached to hips, which are attached to a torso, etc.  She is like the hip socket which is allowing me to move with ease.   Thank you hip socket lady :)  (Side note, I'm not a great writer, or a great analogy creator, sorry).  All that rambling to say, thank you Jesus for assembling some messed up people to carry out the greatest work in the history of all mankind.  Thank you Jesus for giving us the authority and power even though we don't deserve it.  Thank you for us and we.  I am so glad I am not simply, me and I.  Thank you friends at FBCR and ACC for helping me to follow Jesus with my whole heart, mind, and soul.  I love the Church and the man who is the head.

Blogger fans beware: it may be another 3 weeks ;)

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  1. Hip socket lady ... So funny. I thought it was a great analogy and it's not really a blog unless you ramble. Also, I love that we are all a mess. Yesterday God told me, it's okay that you are a mess, you're my mess. That's nice. Okay, now off to comment on your other post.