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Friday, November 12, 2010


Yesterday someone told me they thought I had adopted a child based on the crazy amounts of pictures I have with a certain little girl on facebook.  I want to clear the air, I haven't.  However, I am deeply in love with a little girl called Lily.  I call her punkin, she calls me punkin.  I call her buggy, she calls me aunt manda.  No friends I am not a mother in the natural.  I am an aunt.  Here we are when she was a baby.

Being and aunt is by far the best role you can have in the life of a baby.  At least this is my point of view now. As an aunt, I am awesome.  I am fun.  I tickle, I laugh with you, I hold you, and I give you all kinds of love.  As an aunt I have virtually no responsibility.  Yes, I offer my diaper changing services, but the second she goes ape, I'm like mommy where did you go???????  I love being an aunt.  My sister, her mother, is a wonderful mother.   This is my blog shout out to Casey D.  I love you, you're an amazing mommy.  Thank you for trusting me with your little girl; she has stolen my heart.  If you're not an aunt or an uncle, I'm sorry.  It's the best.  Here is a cutie shot of her just yesterday.  ("Shot" only professional photographers say "shot", Courtney Ryburn you've ruined me.) Oh don't you just want to squeeze her.

So, no I do not have a child, natural or adopted.  I'm just really obsessed with that little girl.  By the way, there's about to be 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  BD #2 (Baby D.) is on his/her way.  I love you BD, I will meet you one day, maybe in Miami.  Would you come visit me there?  I love you.

Your awesome aunt

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  1. I like comments and replies to emails and I also shamefully ask for them. So for you, I will leave a comment simply to say that you are correct. Being an aunt is the best! Also, I like it when you talk about the Holy Spirit. Lastly, several times I have wanted to say, "Mohammed, I just don't like him," but I don't have anyone who would understand, so I hold it in.