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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Life in Waco, TX

As I stated in my first entry to this new blog, I'm going to do something every day of this week to update everyone on my general life here in Waco, TX.  Let me first say, I am loving my life right now.  I live with one other girl in a very adult home which I love!  I have an amazing community of people at my church here in Waco, check us out antiochcc.net, and more than any of those things I daily continue to fall more in love with the person of Jesus and his Holy Spirit.  I love them!  I love the trinity.  I love that God decided to show himself through relationship; through a relationship that can be rich, intimate and better than anything else in the world.  If you read this blog once a day, month, year, or decade know this; I love Jesus.  He is the beginning of me and He is the end of me.  He has transformed my life and I will, by his amazing grace, continue on this adventure called life until it ends for me, or until He comes back.  He is my favorite person I've ever met.

The other thing I'm doing in life is preparing to move to Haiti.  Yup, Haiti.  After the earthquake in January I just felt the invitation from God to move there as a part of what our church is doing.  In the days and weeks to come I will let you all know more about who I'm going with, the process of getting there, and just tons of stuff about Haiti.  Currently I am enrolled in a church planting school here in Waco.  In the school we are doing an intensive study on how to see a church planting movement started in different nations.  There are 17 students in the school, 7 couples, myself, a single guy, and a single girl.  We are moving all over the world from College Station, TX to Nepal!  It is a joy to be in this school with them.  Because there are so many couples, I get lots of spiritual moms and dads to take care of me.  Mom, I'll always be taken care of :)

That's it for today.  Pictures of my life here in Waco to come.

P.S. Sic 'em bears, 5-2!

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