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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Now I know how my mom feels :(

First I apologize for my lack of blog last week.  I've learned something about myself here.  The night before I leave on an R&R or a weekend away I get stressed.  Not too bad, just enough to where I forget things like, making sure I blog.  I'll try to let you know the next time I'm about to soti (leave).

Today Nick & Gabe left for the states permanently.  Watching people leave who you care deeply for is not very fun.  Now I know how my mom felt on February 22nd, 2011.  It is hard to leave, but it's also hard to stay and see close friends or family go.  In 9 months my teammates Nick & Gabe became very good friends of mine.  It's pretty incredible how deep you can go in such a short amount of time.  I can now say that Nick was the first male I've ever lived with other than my Father.  A little weird, but true none the less.

I had to say goodbye to many people during my time in Waco, but to be totally honest, there were always new friends to make.  This was like saying goodbye to my family.  Our house is emptier, physically and emotionally.  They've only been gone about 8 hours, but it doesn't feel right.  It is right because God spoke, but I am uncomfortable with the loss.  Mom, I sort of know how you feel now. (Dad, too).  Change is good and new things are coming, but this just stinks.

Nick & Gabe you are irreplaceable friends and I will miss you.  Always have a guest room so I can visit or just dwell there for long periods of time.  May you experience the blessing of God and the fullness of His Kingdom wherever you land.  I love you.

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