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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This is a blog shout out

Over and over again I am amazed at the greater team that really is helping to facilitate what God is doing here in Leogane.  Just yesterday an old friend from college sent me an email saying their family wanted to be a part of what we’re doing through giving financially.  I’m just amazed at you people.  I know you pray.  I wouldn’t be enjoying my life, loving my team, and thinking that finding ice cream is the greatest gift in the world if you weren’t praying.  And you give so extravagantly!! 

You give extravagantly in so many other ways, not just through prayer and financial resources.  This thought came about yesterday as I was emailing my dad who is an executive at an electronics company about some contact information for some HR directors.  Yesterday I humbly emailed three HR executives at 3 different companies basically asking how you create an employee file.  Two have emailed back with the kindest and most helpful answers.  This is amazing people.  HR executives don’t have time for a girl who has 4 employees and doesn’t know how to create an employee file.  But the kingdom is always all around.  Those 2 executives helped me and my work here at levels I couldn’t express, and all they did was give me advice about how to create a file.

I’m struck again at how vast and unpredictable the kingdom is. I’m also once again so thankful for professionals and those in the business world.  It’s always been a dream of mine (calm down dad) to work as a professional in the business world.  Who knows what God has for me, but I do think I would enjoy it and be fairly successful as a business professional.  I also would highly enjoy wearing all the pretty and classy clothes business women have the opportunity to wear J.  All that to say his kingdom is just that; a kingdom.  It is the reign and the over arching sovereignty of our loving God.   The kingdom does not and will not always look like a missionary in a foreign country or a pastor behind a pulpit.  The kingdom should overtake all spheres of society and be in every corner, in every city, and in every nation.

When I was in college I thought over-seas missions was the beginning and the end of the kingdom.  News flash to me, the King is the beginning and the end of the kingdom.  It doesn’t matter where you are, how you dress, or how you get your water supply; I firmly believe that if you have been adopted into the family of God through the person of Jesus you are well equipped to be a warrior and an ambassador of his kingdom simply because you are a son/daughter.  This is revolutionary if you really think about it.  This means you have the capacity, ability, and authority to exercise in kingdom activities from exactly where you are sitting, and to do it right now.  Now, I must say I do love living in the place I currently live in.  However, my friends it is not as glamorous as you may think.

I don’t mean to say that living in the third world should be glamarous, but living overseas is not as grandeur as at least I hoped it to be.  I just live every day, kingdom life like a normal foreign person in Haiti.   I sleep, I eat, I work, I pray, I encourage, I am corrected, I go back to sleep, and I get up the next day and do basically the same thing.  A goat or pig may change the course of any given day, but then it is only one day. I live normal life in a different context.  Normal has been re-defined a lot, but there is no grandeur. 

So this is my blog shout out to every professional, teacher, stay at home mom, artistic designer, company owner, floral designer (I know a really cool one), nurse, doctor, and anyone else I forgot who goes to work 8-5, sits in an office, and thinks, “If only I could go live a grandeur life overseas.” I hate to burst your bubble, but grandeur is at your finger tips not an ocean away.  If you know and follow Jesus, adventure is one step of obedience away.  Be a kingdom player from your desk, your home, or your studio.  You don’t have to live in a crazy place to change the world.  You just have to be crazy enough to always say yes to Jesus ;).

Happy Tuesday friends and be encouraged that living with the person of Jesus is better than moving to a crazy place just to be crazy.

This is not a blog post about how Amanda wants to be back and living in America.  Jesus has me here and I have Jesus.  Find his presence where you are, I can bet he’ll surprise you.

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