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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Baylor University

First, I apologize for already failing my attempt to post daily.  I realized, I don't really have 7 distinct areas of my life, and I just didn't have time.  Blogging takes time; I just found this out.

I love Baylor University.  I was an undergraduate student from 2003-2007.  While I was at Baylor I majored in Spanish, traveled all over Europe, and became bilingual (in Spanish).  My youngest sister is now a Senior at Baylor and well I just love the university.  Here is a photo of some of my roommates my senior year.

They might hate me a little bit after posting this, but they'll forgive me.

One sad thing about the time I attended Baylor was that the football team wasn't doing so hot.  I went to games and always left at half time.  It wasn't worth it emotionally to stay.  We were going to loose; it almost became a fact.  But then this year the tide somehow began to turn.  We won our first two games!  Although they were non-conference games, we won.  Then we played TCU, it was sad but expected.  But then, with a non-conference game in there, we won 2 conference games.  2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The stage was set, we were doing well.  The Texas Tech loss occurred much to the delight of about 75% of my extended family and it again wasn't looking so hot.  UNTIL LAST NIGHT.

Last night was amazing.  It was Baylor homecoming.  It was cold.  It rained extremely hard.  It lasted 6 hours. We won!  We beat #22 Kansas St. for another conference win.  However this win was a mile stone for the school.  Today it was announced that the Baylor University football team has entered the AP top 25 at #25.  It also means that we are bowl eligible.  If there's a bowl game, I want to go!  I am thrilled beyond thrilled.  I also understand this could be short lived, but I nevertheless am thrilled.  I still live in America, and I got to witness last night's win.  

My evening was wonderful.  I love Baylor.  I will miss Baylor, but I am thankful I was able to live in Waco, TX yesterday.  Thank you mom and dad for letting me be a Baylor student.

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  1. This picture makes me laugh. And I don't hate you for posting it!